If you move onto Whadjuk lands,
here’s the protocol to observe the traditional owners of the land:

  • ask the elders‘ consent to be here, 
  • carry a message stick (or equivalent) from the elders, 
  • look after the land properly

This site will enable you to do that.
Look around the site, find out what it’s about,
– if you want to know when the Consent Ceremony / symbol are going to happen, click the RSS (on the right-hand side of your URL bar) for the feed to your email. 

It’s not so easy to observe this protocol, because there has long been dispute over who specifically are the rightful traditional owners. 

But this is being clarified now by the processes of the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council (SWALSC). They are now naming direct descendants of the Aboriginal land owners from the time of Sovereignty (pre 1830), as recorded by officials at the time.

With specific aboriginal elders identified, we now know who we can observe protocol with.
We can now ask for consent
We can now carry a token of that consent
We can now listen to the elders, how to care for the land properly.

These processes will soon be developed. 
Get the RSS feed if you wish to be informed when it is available to you.  

2 responses

24 09 2010
Travis Fitch

Geoff thanks so much for your time today. I would like you and the aboriginal elders with whom this immensely important conversation has begun to know that my family would like to learn more about observing this protocol and about how we can recognise the traditional owners of the land.

As I reflected to you today, we would be grateful if we could join this conversation. It is one we feel should also shape the newly formed faith community of which we are a part.

I look forward to hearing from you about how the elders and you see this unfolding for us; particularly as a family.

Grace and peace,
Trav Fitch

27 09 2010

Absolutely. The conversation moves slowly. A meeting here, a conversation there. So next meet, I’ll mention you guys by name.

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