9 09 2014

recogniseCan you believe the Australian Constitution does not even recognise Aboriginal people! It is good that a groundswell of support is rising to rectify this.

However, the Recognise campaign may appear to be working from the position that British/Australia has right to ‘recognise’ in the first place. In reality of course Britain had no right to be here at all, much less the right to determine who should be recognised. Britain had no permission from the Aboriginal people to even be here, nor to create a country or a constitution. So in that sense, the constitution that is being ‘reformed’ is a false constitution. It remains a fundamentally false foundation until or unless a treaty or similar is worked out first.

So while the rising positive sentiment about Recognise is good, the false premise is not so good. What if this were ‘recognised’ in the constitution also!

I want to see both-and: address treaty, and then do constitutional reform in the light of that treaty.




One response

12 09 2014

Check out the ‘VoteNotoConstitutionalReform’ page on FB to understand why black leaders calling for sovereignty are against the Recognise campaign.

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