More Owners to come

12 06 2009

Do we have to wait for all the bona-fide families to be identified?

By the time the Consent Ceremony comes around, SWALSC may not have identified all of the descendants of aboriginal land owners in the time of Sovereignty.

But to wait to be sure all 218 families have been finally processed, and all disputes resolved, would take so long that we would lose some of those who can truly represent the ancestors now. In fact not many of the young know the ancestral ways. 

So those elders who finally do play a role in the Consent Ceremony will be seen to be also representing others who in the future may be also recognized as having the bona-fide claim to native Title. 

All we need now, is enough elders with the bona-fides, for them to feel confident that they are representative. And then we can finally observe the protocol.



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12 06 2009
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[…] people recognize Elders as bona-fide representatives of the traditional […]

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