Clue for now

17 08 2009

For now, wear some colors until we sort out doing the actual protocol.

If you wish to show your support, recognition of aboriginal prior ownership, and that you would respect the consent protocol if you could, then “wear the colours.” Nyoongar crew notice if you’re wearing the colors of the generic aboriginal flag.

img_0575.jpgSo you can tell a lot by looking at my hand. I’m married, I watch the clock, I’m white, I’m Celtic, AND I’m concerned about Aboriginal justice.

Simply wearing the colors in a symbolic way means a lot. It will do for now in place of a message stick.

As one elder auntie told me, “first time I saw you, I noticed. As soon as you walked in. We all noticed. It tells us, you’re alright. You have our interests at heart.”

If you have Nyoongar interests at heart, you CAN show it.



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