12 06 2009

“Custodians OK, but isn’t “OWNERS” a bit strong?
I mean, they had recognized boundaries, but the didn’t really own the land – did they?”

Well the early officials recorded them as “Owners”!
Take a look at this copy of the Census taken in Yellagonga’s day…

It is entitled:
“Names & Census of Natives, original Owners of Land on the Right & Left Banks of the Swan, from Fremantle to the Head of River.”

Whadjuk 1

Yup – they “owned” it.

We already, officially said they “owned” it, from day 1. Makes you wonder why we argue about it now, doesn’t it!

In fact, if it was officially recognized that they owned it – so how could we not have declared a Treaty with them!

In fact, as Cedric Jacobs points out, The English Authorities in 1768 commissioned its officers prior to their departure from England to Botany Bay, Australia with the following words.

On your arrival you will settle sections of the land with the consent of the Natives. Should there be no native people living on the land then you are to claim the land in the name of the Monarch of Great Britain.

They declared the land empty – Terra Nullus.

Terra Nullus is a blatant breach of their commission!



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12 06 2009
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12 06 2009
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