Elders e-list

12 06 2009

We’re supposed to look after the land properly while we’re on it!

One of the reasons the word custodian is often used, is that the aboriginal leaders don’t simply own the land – they want to look after it, they want to make decisions about its well-being. So if we can keep listening to the elders’ advice about land-care, then we’re actually following the rest of the protocol after the ceremony & symbol. And we’re making our respect real, not just token.

One idea is that when you pay for the symbol of consent, you would subscribe to an e-list from the elders. This would be your way to respectfully keep your ears open to the elders’ specific concerns about the land, in an ongoing way.

Occasionally they would send emails out on their key issues, and land-care advice. It would be our way of listening, and give them a voice directly to people who care.

This hasn’t been arranged yet, but if you think it’s a good idea – comment below.
And if you can help logistically, definitely comment below!



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12 06 2009
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19 04 2014

I’m wondering is this initiative still active? Im so pleased to come across it. I do have many questions. Look forward to your response.

19 04 2014

Not really still active. Many a good idea gets lost in the webs of aboriginal negotiations and white red tape. But I keep it online because it reflects my hope.

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