National Act of Recognition

26 08 2012

There are plans to hold a national act of recognition (not reconciliation) a public action to publicly recognize the wrongful foundation of white Australia. That is seen as step one – revisit and name ground zero. Then the next step will be up to the people to decide once we’ve made step one.

This is from a kindred group on the east coast…

… plans to hold A National Act of Recognition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Very briefly, under this venture our intention is to invite the Australian public to assemble at one place, Botany Bay, where together we will do three things:
Publicly disown the forced entry at Kurnell on 28 April 1770
Publicly disown any false notion of “…a land belonging to no one…” in the declaration spoken over the land near Cape York on 22 August 1770
Hold A National Act of Recognition of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander people


The information pack includes things like:

(1) A Vision for A National Act of Recognition. This takes us into the very first minutes of the concept coming into existence through prayer

(2) A Message (green sheet)…an “at a glance” outline of aims and objectives of this Act of Recognition as it developed over time, including underlying reasons

(3) A copy of a letter from a La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council Members Meeting showing the support of that community. This document brought Stage 1 to a successful conclusion, and gave permission to begin Stage 2. The letter invites other communities across Australia to become involved in this walk together, and to share in giving permission and authority for A National Act of Recognition to be brought to fulfillment

The next two are entries recorded in the log book from the HM Bark Endeavour mastered by Lieutenant James Cook in 1770. These entries explain so much in terms of events that caused us to be a divided people right from day one. Very few of even the most concerned Australians are aware of these specific events. These entries have become a fundamental part of shaping the coming Act of Recognition.

(4) The entry dated 28 April 1770 details the forced entry at Botany Bay

(5) The entry dated 22 August 1770 details taking possession near Cape York

If you have time I do suggest you visit our website below (very undeveloped at this stage), particularly the link pages Introduction and Origins. They are both quite short. I also recommend viewing the rather long Info Pack link because it gives an account of the whole Recognition Story in chronological order. It is a bit dated and requires some work.




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