A New Protocol

8 09 2009


It seems the elders may have to develop a new protocol.

Back in the time of Sovereignty, a stranger to the land could have permission if he was just visiting for a specified time & task, or if he was marrying into the clan.

There was no protocol for living here permanently on their land, without becoming part of the clan!

Think about it – not only have we whites invaded, we’ve broken very fundamental aboriginal laws. There is no way in aboriginal law for Whadjuk crew to allow us to cohabit.

AND YET despite all this, there is STILL an olive branch of peace, an attitude, a willingness to work a way forward together. We HAVE to respect, appreciate, and work with this – it’s the only way to make things right.

And think about how heavy a responsibility this is for the current elders: for millennia, the ancestors law was revered. But now they may make changes to it – add a new protocol that welcomes newcomers for more than a temporary visit. Or at least a symbolic act of this. This is a BIG deal: this is a change to the shape of ancestral law.

PLUS we’re asking them to make this seismic shift in law for us – the race of people who violently transgressed that law. To say “we’re asking a lot,” is a massive understatement.



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