Recognize the Owners Properly

12 06 2009

Question: How do you recognize Aboriginal traditional ownership of this land?

Answer: Observe the Aboriginal protocol as closely as you can.

Here in the Whadjuk area, 200 years ago that meant you would…

  • ask the elders‘ consent to be here,
  • carry a message stick (or equivalent) from the elders,
  • look after the land properly


This site hopes to enable you to do that. Or at least get close to it.

Would you like to do that?

Look around these pages to get the basic info. If you want to be informed if and when the Consent Ceremony and/or symbols are going to happen, then click the RSS (on the right-hand side of your URL bar) for the feed to your email. Stay in touch.

This site also tells the story of Consent:

  • The First British Commissioned officers orders were to ask for consent to be here, to make a Treaty
  • These officers failed to ask consent or make Treaty
  • to date, no consent was ever asked, or given.
  • Some of us dream of a Consent Ceremony to redress this: to ask consent, and for the rightful Aboriginal Owners of this land to give consent
  • We are hoping to develop a way for all residents to observe & respect the right protocol.



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