Recognize the Owners Properly

12 06 2009

Question: How do you recognise Aboriginal traditional ownership of this land?
Answer: Observe the Aboriginal protocol as closely as you can.

Here in Whadjuk sovereign lands 200 years ago that meant you would…

  • ask the elders‘ consent to be here,
  • carry a message stick (or equivalent) from the elders,
  • look after the land properly


This site hopes to enable you to observe such a protocol, or at least get close to it. Would you like to do that? Look around these pages to get the basic info. 

This site also tells a story of Consent:

  • The First British Commissioned officers’ orders were to ask for consent to be here – to make a Treaty
  • These officers failed to ask consent or to make Treaty
  • To date, no consent was ever asked, or given.
  • Some of us dream of a Consent Ceremony to redress this: to ask consent, and for the rightful Aboriginal Owners of this land to give consent
  • We are hoping to develop a way for all residents to observe & respect the right protocol.



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