Breach of Commission

12 06 2009

The officials at the “time of Sovereignty” (the last time the aboriginal people were soverign owners of the land) officially recorded who owned the lands. Therefore how could they not have declared a Treaty with them, or at least asked their consent!!!

In fact, as Cedric Jacobs points out, The English Authorities in 1768 commissioned its officers prior to their departure from England to Botany Bay, Australia with the following words.

On your arrival you will settle sections of the land with the consent of the Natives. Should there be no native people living on the land then you are to claim the land in the name of the Monarch of Great Britain.

But these so-commissioned officers declared the land empty – Terra Nullus. And claimed the land, with no consent asked nor given.

Terra Nullus was a blatant breach of their own commission!

Governor Stirling was no better here in Whadjuk lands. And to this day, no consent has been asked for, nor given. No treaty has been signed. We immigrants have simply taken over.

And done this in direct violation of our own Monarch’s commission. Before we become a Republic & set aside our Monarchy, we’d best address this fundamental breach of royal orders.


And there’s more.

Gov Stirling couldn’t find a rock to lay a symbolic foundation stone, so instead he felled a tree to mark the foundation of the new colony. How’s that for symbolic – we’ve pretty much been felling trees ever since. I think it’s time to undo this foundation!

Before we go any further, we need to redo our foundations: Identify the elders, ask forgiveness, and ask consent to be here. And plant trees from now on!

The Elders are smart, they know the good that has come here with the bad. They know they can’t get us to leave, but they wouldn’t mind being asked! And it’s their place to give us consent, and ask us to look after the land properly, and to show us how. And it’s our place to pay attention.

It’s a matter of respect.

And justice.



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